не спрях (птп)

Снощи ми дойде една доста точна метафора за първата ми връзка. Понеже уча за шофьорски изпит..

През първото пътно произшествие преминах невредима.
Случи се на един кръстопът.
Катастрофа, но с минимални последствия – само леко ожулване (което забелязах доста по-късно).
Аз си продължих напред и дори не намалих. Не спрях.
Мисля, че се опитах, но колата не поддаде.
Вината беше моя. Не съобразих.
Оставих те, видях на огледалото, смачкан до неузнаваемост.
И не спрях. Дори не намалих.

God, you are there on my best day,
just as you are on my worst.
You love me just the same,
regardless of my works.
You know my  fingerprint,
you crafted my nose,
then sprinkled freckles ‘cross my face, just because.
You understand me better than anyone, of course.
You know my story from before I was born.
Comparison to others won’t do me any good,
you made me as intended, as you should.

You were there,
standing by me,
suffering and bleeding,
why then did I have  no clue,
I even didn’t think to ask..

It’s human nature, I believe
that we never stop
being the center of our universe;
Like you’re the main hero
in that movie from last week
Except your character is written flawed
And the script is an improvisation.