Check your expectations at the door

A Christian life must be a  reflection of God’s love and mercy and glory; a constant striving to be more and more like Jesus in every aspect.

Earlier today I was thinking about my future. And about God. I’ve been asking God to help me walk in his calling. During worship I got to thinking what that meant, what I was actually asking.

So we can’t all be pastors or teachers or leaders, right? Do you think then that some people are called to clean toilets?

What would you do if God spoke to you, in a perfect clarity, that he wanted you to go and work as a hygienist, regardless of your plans, dreams, your higher education. You could easily get a job far better paid and fitting. Say God is even more specific, telling you where exactly and why – there is someone working there who needs to hear the gospel, and who you will meet and in time, will help them come to salvation. Would the sacrifice be worth it then? Does that change anything?

I was just meditating on the topic of obedience and the Christian life. Are we not called to serve God and be ready to leave all earthly possessions? Serve not money, but God, for you can’t serve both? Collect treasures in heaven. And in the salvation of just one lost soul Heaven celebrates!

So a very poignant question remains – does God want you to be happy?
Well .. do your earthly parents want you to be happy? Of course they do (or they should), any normal parent wants this for their child,, but can the child always see that? I didn’t think of injections as a good thing ever, I saw them inly as painful torture my parents had me go through. But those prevented me from getting ill thus aiding my current happiness.
I’m not saying it’s exactly like that, but God does have the full picture, knows what’s best for us far better than we think we do and let’s face it – we won’t always understand the reason, because God’s logic is far superior to ours, far beyond our grasp and understanding. He takes the silly things in life  and makes them great to stump those who call themselves wise. In the same way we couldn’t expect to always understand why we feel God leading us where it doesn’t make sense for you – which is where you learn to really trust him and even if for no other reason at all, isn’t that worth it?

But it’s still hard to do. If we are born again, transformed children and followers of God, wouldn’t God’s will be unquestionably the right choice, which we’d leap toward to make our Father’s heart proud? So why isn’t it?

Can God ask you to give up your dream and trust him in doing something that doesn’t make sense and that wouldn’t be enjoyable? Can God ask you to give away all your money and follow His lead?  Of course He can, He’s God!
And of course he leaves us the choice of obeying or disobeying. If you refuse he might appoint another person for the job, and He will still love you just the same.
It will be you who’s missing out mostly. You and possibly whoever else God had in mind for you to reach.

I’m just making a point. I don’t think He generally does that.I mean one has to be living so close to God every second of every day, that he wouldn’t hesitate if God says go. But we’re not like that, obviously and we complain, maybe do it, but with a rotten attitude – in which case we risk missing the whole point of the exercise, gaining absolutely nothing from the experience..or we even pretend to not have heard at all.

P.S. (Luke 16:10)


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