the most beautiful lady

I met a lady so beautiful it made me cry.

She wandered into the store with a nice warm smile looking for my mum, who wasn’t there at the moment.We chatted for a bit and then mum showed up.After the lady left to go about her day my mum told me more about her.

She lives alone and has no family to speak of, except a sister in US. She says that,  because she’s ugly no one really gives her any attention, apart from my mum. That’s why she comes to the store to chat. She faithfully does my mum favours and buys her small gifts every now and then. She also buys the little random items that no one else would buy from the shop for whatever reason, because she relates. Then she gives them away.

After mum told me all that I couldn’t help but tear up and this lady.. although not particularly physically appealing, seemed to me like the most beautiful person I had met in a long time. I kept thinking about her all throughout the day and on to the next.

I think her story will stick with me for a while.




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