bursting bubbles

In our day and society I find that our worldview is created by the media – that’s no secret of course. I just wanted to give a warning. Thoughts, opinions and morals are strongly influenced, if not entirely created by what you perceive and this can lead to some dire complications.
There’s some real bull***t being preached out there.
Think about things, always, question what you see and hear.

And so please, please teach your kids morals and right from wrong before letting them watch whatever’s on TV.

On that note, also don’t raise your children in a Christian bubble – solely bible stories and ignorance about the outside world and all in it. Rather introduce them to it and educate them, speak with them, answer their questions, don’t just brush those aside, because if you don’t teach them someone else will. Challenge them.

It’s perfectly fine and I think healthy, to let them watch Harry Potter (etc)  for example – yes it features wizards and magic but do you think it will have them tempted to play with the occult? Honestly? Not if you have taught them well and if they truly know Jesus they won’t be. Watch it with them!

It can teach them some good and valuable life lessons like friendship, fighting for what’s right, etc. Their imagination will also develop. Also, c’mon, it’s pop culture. They will need to be able to participate in discussions and understand references.Otherwise they will always feel left out of the group.

Childhood forms so much of one’s personality, even throughout adulthood and it’s bewildering  that parents are so careless anyway.

P.S. It’s ok to disagree with a movie, or a character in a book, etc. Some are even there exactly to make us question our ideas and thoughts and that’s alright. That’s quality, consider those, but don’t feel like it’s necessarily the right thing.


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