the heart of evangelism – as I see it

You know the feeling when you found a song that you instantly fell in love with, the one that spoke to you personally and touched your heart. Listening to it is like a spiritual experience, so intimate you don’t want to share it with anybody. Just you and the song.

It went something like that for me.
Except I was changed by it, in that I was overcome by love, love for everyone. I literally felt it in my stomach. And it was because of that love that I (tried) to tell everyone, my family, my friends, people I had just met..

Of course, being a new Christian I didn’t have the right words, I didn’t even have any doctrinal knowledge. I just knew that I had found something real,  that I was changed and I couldn’t even describe it. I loved people like I never had before and that’s why I wanted to share with them that intimate and indescribable experience I had had. I wanted them to have it too.

That’s what Jesus is for me, that’s why I want to encourage you to explore Him. So please don’t make evangelism about Bible-bashing people into faith or telling them they’re going to Hell. It’s Jesus who will draw them to Himself, with love and grace and mercy.


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