Dear No One,

Where are you? I’m here and I want you to know that I am waiting for you patiently.
Sometimes, I get lonely, like now. But that’s okay. I know you’re worth it.
I daydream about us a little.
I see us sitting in this coffee shop, watching the world pass us by,  you’ll be holding my hand and I know I will be so full of love for you, and be completely yours, and you – utterly mine.
One day I’ll get to show you the things I love, the things I hide from everyone else, like my book collection, and the doodles in my sketchbook, and maybe this blog. I will share with you my thoughts and maybe you can help me untangle them. We will explore new cities, climb mountains and learn to surf and have little everyday adventures.
I think that when we meet, we’ll know. I will fall in love with the way you breathe. With the way you do whatever you do. With your smile and the colour of your eyes. All the pieces of you will perfectly fit with the pieces of me. But we won’t complete each other, no. We’re already whole. You’ll complement me, just as I’ll complement you.
I will learn how you like your coffee and surprise you some mornings. And some days we’ll spend mostly in bed, daydreaming, building a pillow fort, discovering..
Perhaps you will marry me. Perhaps we’ll have a kid someday? One thing’s for certain, it will feel as if you and I were made for each other. It will feel real and natural and complete.
So wherever you are, I hope you are well and you’re going strong. And that maybe you think about me sometimes.


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